Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

In its simplest definition, digital marketing is the marketing of products or services to potential customers using digital channels. In other words, it is the whole of marketing activities that include electronic devices. The channels used are all digital platforms, including social media, mobile applications, e-mail, web applications, search engines, websites or digital media such as radio and television.

An effective digital marketing activity includes the use of all tools such as social media management, search engine optimization, social media, digital advertising, content marketing, e-mail marketing for the same purpose, within an effective strategy, as a whole.
However, this whole must also be determined within a plan, a strategy.

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What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

As we mentioned above, growing a business today is through online marketing activities. The success of online marketing activities also depends on a good digital marketing strategy. An online Digital Marketing Strategy marketing strategy helps you grow your company by driving more valuable traffic to your page and getting more leads that convert into conversions.

A marketing strategy is a plan to achieve the goal(s) related to certain marketing activities. A digital marketing strategy, on the other hand, helps your business achieve specific digital goals through online marketing channels. A good digital marketing strategy determines your goals, defines your target audience accordingly, analyzes the target market, examines your competitors, produces a perfect SWOT analysis of your business, determines the ideal customer profile, then defines the digital marketing channels and how your potential customers can buy from you.

So, once the digital marketing strategy is determined, where to start digital marketing, how to do it?

How is Digital Marketing Done?

As mentioned above, “Digital Marketing Strategy” provides a framework for which online marketing channels you should use and how you should use them to achieve the right goals. The action plan prepared afterwards (often called the “digital marketing plan”) allows you to successfully create and launch your online marketing strategy within this strategy.

The digital marketing plan is an action plan in accordance with the digital marketing strategy that determines the intermediate goals in order to achieve the final goals in the digital environment of the company, defines on which channel, with which tool, how, when, the actions will be done.
To give a simple example, the use of the Linkedin channel, the final target audience here, the final goal and the result to be reached, the budget and time to be spent on this channel are the subject of the digital marketing strategy. The digital marketing plan, on the other hand, determines in which months, with which campaigns, with which advertising models, with which content, in how and how often the shares will be made in line with the budget allocated for Linkedin. In other words, the strategy determines the framework, and what will be done within this framework is the digital marketing plan.

In order to carry out a digital marketing activity, it is necessary to know the digital marketing tools and platforms well. If we go through the same example, Linkedin is a platform, and the advertising work or account management carried out here is also a digital marketing tool. Without further ado, let’s move on to digital marketing tools.

Leading Digital Marketing Tools

Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is not a service in the style of set up the campaign and forget the rest, but a craft that requires very serious effort like all branches of digital marketing! It requires what we call optimization, a process that involves constant analysis and adjustments.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a digital marketing tool where paid advertisements are delivered from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even TikTok to reach your target audience.

How Does a Digital Marketing Agency Give You an Advantage?

Theoretically, you can use all the channels mentioned above. But the touch of a competent staff changes a lot. That is why Magna Digital Marketing Agency specializes in value-added solutions and optimized digital consulting; It produces end-to-end solutions with its expert staff in the process of carrying out need-oriented studies and analyzing and reporting the results.

When you use all the tools simultaneously with the right strategy, you will reach the right customer in the shortest time and with the least cost and realize your goals. An efficient digital marketing activity is always based on improving what already exists; it is a passionate and continuous pursuit of “Better Practices” rather than the unquestioning acceptance and application of existing “Best Practices”.

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