Graphic Design

We approach all your design works with a creative and innovative perspective and offer fast and creative support during the implementation process. A visually strong brand helps connect with the target audience and showcases your organization’s personality. That’s why poor, outdated visuals have a negative impact on your brand’s image.

Most of the time, names are forgotten, and thanks to creatively prepared logo design, corporate identity studies and visual designs, it is easier for you to be remembered and memorable. The fact that your logo and visuals are engraved in memory as a material that describes your business creates a great impact on the development and growth of the business you have established or will establish.

Thanks to the graphic design service we provide with the Parsley graphic design team, let’s put your brand ahead of your competitors. We are ready to leave unforgettable effects on your target audience with our graphic designers who are competent in their jobs and whose imagination has exceeded the borders of the country, with our design works that are worthy of your brand and will not be erased from memory.

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Our Graphic Design Services

Corporate Identity

The concept described as corporate identity is actually the concept that represents the stance, behavior and image of a company, institution, foundation or other such formations both inside and outside the company, as can be easily understood from the name, that is, the identity of the company.

Logo Design

It is the first logo design that reflects the image of a brand. If your logo does not accurately reflect your brand image in the first impression, your target audience will be adversely affected. Entrust Logo Design to Professionals to Prevent Your Brand Image from Being Damaged!

Menu Design

It is a service that companies such as Cafe-Pub, Restaurant, Patisserie and Hotel operating in the food and beverage sector need to promote their products. Your menu is the face of your business and the silent sales rep. A convincing, meaningful, simple, and clear menu is a great marketing tool. It is the best way to earn customer satisfaction and generate more revenue.

Brochure Design

It is one of the printed communication materials for promotional and advertising purposes prepared by companies for products, campaigns or events they have organized. In brochure preparation, the product, service or activity should be explained in a striking way and leave an impression on the target audience. Brochures, graphics and visual themes should give the desired message to the target audience in the shortest way and arouse interest.

Catalog Design

We prepare and present catalog studies with designs specific to your institution. Evaluating the works reflecting the activities of your institution and telling you to your customers together with the professional designers and copywriters in our team with the materials we receive from you; we prepare it in the most appropriate way for your institution or product. We serve you with our dynamic and professional team.

Social Media Visual Design

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, where a large number of users are located, are different from each other and their content should be produced in accordance with this difference. Whichever social media channel is to be shared, post design should be made in accordance with the dimensions and concept of that platform.

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